Wholesale Info

We provide fresh cold-pressed juice to leading hotels & cafes in Aruba. 100% Pure Love is the original and only cold pressed juice supplier in the region. Eduardo’s Beach Shack is our main establishment and since 2019, we have fine-tuned our service and offerings to make sure that 100% Pure Love cold-pressed juice is a huge success in our establishment. 100% Pure Love strives to provide top-quality juice delivery in Aruba

Benefits for your business

  • The ability to offer your customers the highest quality juice on the market in line with customer preference for easy, healthy and refreshing cold-pressed juice.
  • A good profit margin for a no-fuss product that is easy to serve quickly, without having to deal with the mess, noise, hassle, time (staff costs & customer frustration), produce ordering, storage & waste of juicing yourself. Here at 100% Pure Love, we pride ourselves on the level of quality provided in our delivery of fresh juice in wholesale and retail quantities.
  • Exclusive partnership with the only wholesaler that provides fresh cold-pressed juice in the region, adding to the reputation of your business.

We deliver for free, 2 times a week to Palm Beach and Oranjestad establishments

To enquire about purchasing 100% Pure Love Juices wholesale, please call Eduardo on +297 5942534 or email gonetroppoart@gmail.com

Eduardo’s Beach Shack merchandise + products are also available for wholesale Aruba wide.